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Source - Bag It movie (produced in 2010)
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Specific bans around the U.S.

MunicipalityType of banSource
Bethel, AK 
ban plastic bags and takeout containers
Arcata, CA
plastic bag ban with a ten cent charge per paper bag

Campbell, CA
All retail stores will be prohibited from using single-use plastic carryoutbags and may sell paper or reusable bags for a small charge

Capitola, CA
plastic bag ban with a 25 cent charge on paper bags in all retail stores

Carpinteria, CA
adopted the first double bag ban in California on March 12, 2012.Starting in July 2012, large retailers as specified are prohibited fromdistributing single-use paper and plastic bags. Starting in April 2013,plastic bags banned in all other retail stores

South Pasadena, CA
The City adopted an ordinance phasing out single-use plastic grocerybags in grocery, drug, and convenience stores as well as farmers'markets in May 2014. Operative in larger stores and farmers' marketsstarting October 2014, and in other covered stores December 2014.Minimum ten cent charge per paper bag.

Watsonville, CA
ban plastic bags in all retail stores. An initial 10 cent charge on paperbags mandated to increase to 25 cents after the first year.

Louisville, KY
ban plastic bags for yard waste
East Hampton, NY
plastic bag ban

Mamaroneck, NY
plastic bag ban

Rye, NY
plastic bag ban at all retail stores

Southampton, NY
ban on non-biodegradable bags for retailers, supermarkets and restaurants

Austin, TX
adopted a sweeping ban on single-use plastic and paper bags in allbusiness establishments

Brownsville, TX
restricted plastic bags in 2009 with a $1 charge per transaction